We proudly announce our fanwear store

August 5, 2011 By s&p shallow&profound

Have you ever thought a t-shirt with the stylish pink s&p logo would be a great thing to have in the closet? Well, we thought of this for a long time as well. Finally, after years of research and hundreds of user tests we are happy to report that we got down to business and designed great shirts for s&p. We also designed awesome shirts for shallow & profound while we were at it. They like it a lot. And so do we.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there. For our female fans we have a very special accessory. Check it out, can you find it in the shop?

Welcome to our new fanwear store. It looks so neat it could be one of those classy apparel labels!

Visit the store at http://s-and-p.spreadshirt.de/

s&p Fanwear Shop

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