New Tracks – And A Release Party

May 24, 2011 By s&p shallow&profound

There was not much to be heard from us over Christmas and New Year. We enjoyed the time with our families and also did undergo some professional changes that kept us busy. The CD is out and we’re super-happy with how the release went. Thanks a lot to all our die-hard fans our there.

This doesn’t mean we haven’t done anything! We were involved in creating a Facebook page with our label. Just look for s&p and you’ll find it. Help us get some fans!

There are 4 new tracks in the making. One of them is almost ready and only needs some finishing touches. Maybe we’ll release some bits on Facebook, another reason to like our page and stay up to date.

In other news, we’re currently veeeery busy planning and organizing our first CD release party ever! We know, our album is out for quite some while now. But we’re going to celebrate the physical release of the album. We’ve got about a hundred real CDs in stock. Be sure not to miss out on them when the time comes. We’ll even sign it for you ;)

Stay tuned.

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