Mastering the Beast

November 4, 2010 By s&p shallow&profound

shallow & profound have musically finished all tracks of their forthcoming album. The title will be: RADIATION. 80% of the tracks are even mastered and ready…

The labels mastering engineer (Mighty P) is currently on his duty and tries to master the sonically most complex track of our new album called “Saturation” …the track rightly has that name as our chief masterer has noted. Indeed we use a rich layering of pads, bass and lead sounds together with some effects.

The track list of the CD has beend defined as well and will be in order of their making:

1. Radiation
2. Pulsation
3. Saturation
4. Rotation (Radio Edit)
5. Speed Nation
6. Main Station
7. Polarisation
8. Devastation (Unbreakable Remix)
plus a Bonus Track

We have to plan the production and release with our label, it’ll be most probably in early 2011.

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