Gear Rave: Native Instruments’ Traktor’s 12

September 5, 2010 By s&p shallow&profound

Directly from Native Instruments’ forge comes Traktor’s 12. This effect pack is part of their recently released Komplete 7 bundle but can be bought separately. There was a video about a month ago showing off some of the plugin’s capabilities and we were keen on having a closer look as soon as it was to be released September 1st. Now that we played around with it a little, we don’t hesitate to share some of the excitement with you.

Traktor’s 12 has its origins in Native Instrument’s product suite for DJs: Traktor. It seems the guys from Berlin extracted some of the cool effects DJs use in their live performances and put it into a separate effect pack you can use in your DAW and control via external MIDI gear or automation. There are literally endless possibilities to add subtle effects or forcefully mangle a track beyond any recognition, thus enabling producers to create many variations for single tracks in a production, whole busses or the stereo out channel.

The effects pack lets you add modules for delays, reverbs, lofi, ring modulation, beat slicing and rearranging, gating, transposing and stretching and many more. All of those modules are optimized for simple usability. Each of the modules only has four controls so you really just have to turn one knob to get instantly usable results.

Screenshot of Traktor’s 12 running inside Guitar Rig

If you want to see how Traktor’s 12 looks like, go to its website and look at the great video showing off some of the effects. As we’re a big fan of Native Instruments’ products, it didn’t take us long to decide whether we want to add this pack to our standard gear.

As a sidenote: Traktor’s 12 is a plugin for Native Instruments’ Guitar Rig. If you don’t own Guitar Rig you need not to worry. With the release of Komplete 7, Native Instruments has created a “player” version of many of their main instruments. Not only do they have a player for Kontakt, which is quite known by now, but also for Reaktor and Guitar Rig, too. Thus, you should be able to use the Guitar Rig player to use Traktor’s 12.

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