All Music of s&p Now FREE

It’s Christmas soon. It’s December 1st today. Time for our first exciting announcement this month!

Download It, Upload It, Share It – For FREE

As of today, s&p releases all music currently in it’s catalog free of charge. This includes schlumberger & ploentzke’s Reise as well as shallow & profound’s Radiation. You can find links to their respective SoundCloud profiles by following the album links.

Important License Information

Creative Commons LicenseMentioned albums are released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY 3.0). That basically means you can download, use, distribute, share, remix and even sell the music on your own compilation or in your movie free of charge as long as you attribute the work to s&p and the respective artist in the credits as defined on their pages!

Thanks For Supporting Us

If you like our music, listen to it regularly and would like to support us and our project, please consider donating to our s&p project on Bandcamp by purchasing Radiation or Reise. Or buy good-looking merchandise in our Spreadshirt Fan Store. People who bought shirts or sweaters LOVE THEM!

Thanks so much! We appreciate it!

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