schlumberger & ploentzke Charity Round 1 Ended

November 27, 2011 By s&p Label News / schlumberger&ploentzke

As you know, schlumberger & ploentzke donated all the revenue from their first album “Reise” to a charitable cause. Read all about it in this post. The initial goal was to donate 500$, which would have been one tenth of a complete water project that could provide one town with clean, fresh water. They didn’t leave it at that and raised the bar to 600$ in the hope their fans would tune in.

Today, as schlumberger & ploentzke’s fund raising campaign came to an end, we are proud to announce that 700$ were now transferred to desperately needed water projects somewhere in the world!

Where does the money go from here?

According to the campaign’s page, charitywater’s partners have already identified the communities most in need of clean water. The well is going to be built with the help of the local community, while a health worker provides sanitation and hygiene training. After roughly 18 months, everybody who donated (and provided their email address I guess) will recieve GPS coordinates, photos and info about the project that was supported with their donation.

We’ll keep you up to date as soon as we hear from our project. We are very excited! It’s such a good feeling being able to help! Thank you to everybody at our release party and afterwards who helped us raise 700$ for this good cause!

all of the s&p team and artists

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