Release Party Aftermath

August 23, 2011 By s&p Label News / schlumberger&ploentzke

To round things off, we prepared some statistics of the event. Statistics are always fun so hold on:

63 guests were at the event.
17 schlumberger & ploentzke albums were sold.
7 schlumberger & ploentzke t-shirts found new happy owners (including the 3 special edition H2O tour shirts).
20 shallow & profound albums were sold.
13 shallow & profound t-shirts looked extremely good on our guests.
400 Swiss Francs were raised for charity by schlumberger & ploentzke that evening.
222 Swiss Francs were donated by our guests for the music and the event.

What we like very much about this statistic is the following: Although schlumberger & ploentzke sold less albums and less t-shirts, people donated almost double the amount to their charitable cause. This is really great! Put everything together with their digital album sales, schlumberger & ploentzke raised $500 for this noble project. Respect!

Help raise more

We donated the amount to charity: water and added something extra. You can still help us get more! Tell everybody about it, your friends, on Facebook, on Twitter! Donate 20$ yourself and help us raise even more than the $500! Let’s try and go for $600 :) Thank you so much!

Go here to see and donate:

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