Preparing for live performances

November 6, 2010 By s&p schlumberger&ploentzke

We have recently been approached from fans and admirers asking what we are up to since it’s been quiet after the release of our debut album. Here is a small update.

We have interrupted the recording of our second album, which will see many world music aspects and tracks influenced by mid-eastern and celtic music for example. Our record label soon wants to celebrate the release of our CD “Reise” with an official CD release party and have also announced the appearance of a special guest act.

This is a very nice idea, but has put us under some pressure to (re-)learn to play the tracks live as well… this is not only due to the fact that some tracks have seen their birth over one and a half years ago, but also due to the nature of the tracks and our way of composing and producing. We do not play the songs live until they fit and then record them, but recording, composing and developing the songs is a melted activity and sees the use of the computer a lot.

However, the tracks can be performed and will be performed live by schlumberger and ploentzke. We have seen us also confronted with the requirements of a stage performance like illumination and audio live technique. But our label is of great support and helps us with equipment and advice as much as we need it!

Stay tuned – the CD release party is scheduled around the change of the years….

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