On a PR Tour through the Ribera del Duero wine region

May 26, 2011 By s&p schlumberger&ploentzke

We at schlumberger and ploentzke have just finished our preparation for the CD release party our label is organising between 15 and 31 july – exact date and location will be confirmed in the coming days. We had some very juicy rehearsals and tiring photo sessions, pictures also here.

Right now we have embarked on an extensive PR Tour which coincidentally leads us through the wine region Ribera del Duero. As it happens, those are some of Stefan and Peter’s favorite wines. We thought this to be the perfect prequel to the world premiere of the live performance of some of our songs and hope to attract many new fans through this tour. Ahhh, and maybe we also have some press conferences in Havanna next to that cigar factory across the square of the capitol, if we are lucky.

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