Interview for the release of “Reise”

September 1, 2010 By s&p schlumberger&ploentzke

A guy from our label interviewed us shortly before the official release of our album. Read the transcript of his interview with us:

I met the two guys Stefan Ploentzke and Peter Schlumberger just days after their rather silent release of their debut album “Reise” in a Café in  Marrakech. Although I didn’t know what to expect, the two men did surprise me with their silent and poetical manner and almost modest way of talking about their achievement. “Reise” is at the moment the label’s best-selling album.

LABEL: You have just finished your first album “Reise” (ed. “Journey”). What is the album about?

STEFAN: You are right to ask, indeed it is a concept album describing the voyage of water from its evaporation and cloud building, to dropping down as rain, forming a spring or well and so forth until it arrives back in the sea and the cycle starts agian. Although I have to say it didn’t really start as concept album, and even less the water cycle as such.

LABEL: How did it start then?

PETER: Ploentzke and I wanted to experiment and learn by doing a remix. We also set us a task to do a shanty type song. I brought up the song “Land unter” by Herbert Grönemeyer which we took as base.

STEFAN: Exactly, we studied main key, melody, chords, and instrumentation. We just left a piece of the sung refrain and built a song around it. After listening to it again and again, we dropped the accordion and also the singing of Herbert completely (Herbert: we really are sorry!), keeping nothing of the original song. Our first track “Sehnsucht” was born.

LABEL: But that is not a concept yet.

STEFAN: You are right. However, Sehnsucht was about the sea and while I was already fiddling with a next beat and bass-line, Schlumberger already envisaged the water cycle as concept. This gave us some structure and direction.

PETER: Nevertheless, we didn’t mean to completely and accurately imitate the nature – it should more reflect some aspects and feelings like the bubbliness of a spring and small streams separating and rejoining over and over again in “Talwaerts”…

STEFAN: …or the majesty of a mighty river like in “Strom”, my favourite!

PETER: In painting art terms, it is more like an expressive painting rather than realistic painting.

LABEL: Painting… you met at an art gallery, I heard?

PETER. That’s right. That’s where we really met. And we soon realised that we were a perfect match (laughs) at least when it comes to music…

LABEL: So you are very similar, the two of you?

STEFAN: Yes and no, our musical taste and thirst to create stuff: yes. Our character and musical strength: no.

PETER: Yeah, I am more the high-level guy looking for structure and am happy when we have 90% of the song ready while Ploentzke is also a master of details and finishing – although I sometimes must make him stop, cause like a true artist he is never happy with the result…

LABEL: What is the genre you are in and what will the next album be like?

PETER: Ah, I was hoping you wouldn’t ask for the genre. We find it terribly hard to define the genre of “Reise”… we think it is somewhat Electronic Down-tempo with Chill elements…but then, listen for yourself.

STEFAN: The next album might be more towards World music. We love to learn and we have already produced a mid-eastern inspired track as well as a celtic one…

PETER: …but then again, it takes time to study the musical specialities of the different world styles. It might as well that we just produce in-between a similar album like “Reise”. You never know.

STEFAN: Our label does not constrain us in that respect and we want to thank the guys from s&p for all their passion.

LABEL: And we thank you for the short interview.

One Response

  1. A fan from Italy says:

    Most wonderful. You guys show up in your music as you are.
    Real poets of musical hide and seek (literally). Hiding your true selves, seeking eternal transcendence!
    Your music will inspire generations to come and water will be forever grateful for your contributions.
    Keep up with the good work!
    Thank you