Gear Tip: Camel Audio’s Planet Earth Sound Library

August 19, 2010 By s&p schlumberger&ploentzke

During the course of time, we electronic musicians accumulate a great number of electronic instruments and plugins. From time to time you find something very special. We stumbled upon Camel Audio’s Alchemy synthesizer not long ago, who has a unique take on several aspects of building sounds and poking around with the controls.

Until August 31st Camel Audio has a special offer going for their stripped down Alchemy Player, usually $59. You can pay any amount you like for their Planet Earth sound library and choose what amount of that should go to charity (Friends of the Earth). We thought this is very well worth mentioning as we, too, donate every penny we make off of our first album “Reise” to a charity project called Charity: Water.

If you ever wanted to try the Alchemy Player and additionally get a nice sound library, go to the Planet Earth Sound Library page and get it before the offer ends!

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