Thank you, Steve

October 7, 2011 By s&p Label News

We are deeply saddened by Steve’s death. Our story is like the one of hundreds of thousands of others but we would like to share it anyway as this is our story.

We came to the Mac in early 2007 and were just blown away by how easy it felt. We never looked back since. Apple managed to re-define what personal meant in ‘personal computer’. We haven’t had that much fun using computers in our daily work before. It was more tinkering and optimizing the system to keep it running back then. The Mac so famously just worked.

It was also through the Mac that we finally started our musical passion. Suddenly, we found ourselves making music for several hours straight without looking up from the monitor. It felt thought through. It felt polished. It felt human. Steve’s Apple above all understood to design their products for human beings. They never sold on chipset specifications and CPU cycles per second. Companies love to hide behind large sheets of hardware specifications to make their products look impressive. But a closer look reveals that it missed to pay any attention to how people should actually use this thing.

Many companies and individuals welcomed this innovative spark Apple spread. It made them think harder about their products, improve them, make them more beautiful, more usable. By now, we grew accustomed to our today’s quality of living. Renting a movie in the evening from the comfort of our sofa. Surfing on the go, listening to music on our way to work. And we do everything with style. Something that probably would not yet have happened if not for Steve’s persistant nature to bring things forward and make them look good at the same time.

We sincerely want to thank Steve for his vision, his persistance, his products and his legacy that will live on and keep making our lives better, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

And above all, we from s&p want to thank him for the joy we have at the studio. Without him, we probably never would have started making music, we never would have founded s&p, and we would not be who we are today.

Thank you.

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