Band Photos, Organizing a CD Release Party + Facebook Page

May 24, 2011 By s&p Label News

Dear fans of our label. Some time has passed. Of course we kept constantly updating and upgrading our studios over the last few months, so the Waldorf Q was not the latest addition. Several cool new plugins were handpicked by our artists and studio engineers.

We made some gorgeous pictures of our two bands. Visit shallow & profound‘s or schlumberger & ploentzke‘s picture gallery and see for yourself.

Not only the pictures kept us busy lately. We’re planning and working on a CD release party for the albums we have released so far, Reise und Radiation. We ordered physical copies of those albums and we’re in the mood to celebrate. Preparations will take some additional 6-8 weeks, but there will be live acts, dance music, drinks and a lot of nice people. We’re also doing everything we can to have a fan shop! Merchandising at last! Only on location – for now. Stay tuned to get your personal invitation that we will send out in the coming days.

We also enhanced our web presence by creating a Facebook page. If you like to stay in touch and hear the latest news about your favorite bands, make sure to click on the Like-button here on the right.

As you can see, a lot of interesting things are happening and we’re happy to sit in the middle of it.

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