January 4, 2011 By s&p

shallow & profound releases their first album. It’s been in the making for a good while and great care has been applied to the finishing touches.

This album explores some of the corners of electronic, house-like, trance and progressive trance music. In other words, you will not get an album that sounds the same from start to finish. Enjoy a trip through the musical development and some experimental phases of shallow & profound that happened during the creation.

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If you like our album, listen to it regularly and would like to support us and our project, please consider donating to our s&p project by purchasing the album on Bandcamp. You can name your own price or enter 0$ for a free download.

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Download For Free

You can also download the album for free from Bandcamp in various formats from MP3 to FLAC lossless! Just enter 0$ as the price to pay. No strings attached.


Creative Commons LicenseRadiation by shallow & profound is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

That basically means you can download, use, distribute, share, remix and even sell the music on your own compilation or in your movie free of charge as long as you attribute the work to s&p and the respective artist in the credits as defined on their pages!

Here is how the credits should look like:

Track written and performed by shallow & profound, produced by s&p.
© by s&p (s-and-p.fm), some rights reserved (CC BY 3.0).

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