shallow & profound

We looove progressive trance. You can hear it while you’re at work, you can hear it late at night, you can hear it in a club. Your feet start to move. Give in to the atmosphere of an uplifting track.

We are a crazy two man team that constantly tries to learn about our favorite genre. We listen to it, get inspired by great musicians and likewise inspire them to create music people just like to listen to. On their headphones, their living rooms or on the dancefloor.

We bought our first electronic equipment in 2007 and figured out how it works the following 2 years while we created our first album. Music is our hobby and passion and we like the fun that is involved in creating it, working on it, finishing it and releasing it.

Give us a listen and head over to our blog to stay in touch. We hope you like our tracks, thanks for dropping by!