Fri 05 Aug 2011 s&p shallow&profound 0 comment

We proudly announce our fanwear store

Have you ever thought a t-shirt with the stylish pink s&p logo would be a great thing to have in the closet? Well, we thought of this for a long time as well. Finally, after years of research and hundreds of user tests we are happy to report that we got down to business and […]Read more

Tue 24 May 2011 s&p shallow&profound 0 comment

We finally have some decent band pictures

Our label organized a photographer last week who dragged us out to a harbor area here in Basel. And we got some pretty nice shots back. Finally we have some decent pictures we’re really proud of. Head over to our picture gallery and check them out. If you liked s&p’s page on [...]Read more

Tue 24 May 2011 s&p shallow&profound 0 comment

New Tracks – And A Release Party

There was not much to be heard from us over Christmas and New Year. We enjoyed the time with our families and also did undergo some professional changes that kept us busy. The CD is out and we’re super-happy with how the release went. Thanks a lot to all our die-hard fans our there. This [...]Read more

Thu 04 Nov 2010 s&p shallow&profound 0 comment

Mastering the Beast

shallow & profound have musically finished all tracks of their forthcoming album. The title will be: RADIATION. 80% of the tracks are even mastered and ready… The labels mastering engineer (Mighty P) is currently on his duty and tries to master the sonically most complex track of our [...]Read more