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charity: water Update

As you might remember, schlumberger & ploentzke raised 700$ for the charity: water project, providing about 35 people with clean drinking water. Read all about it in our aftermath post or see the campaign page. We now have exciting news to share. The money for a whole project’s been [...]Read more

Tue 23 Aug 2011 s&p Label News / schlumberger&ploentzke 2 comments

Release Party Aftermath

To round things off, we prepared some statistics of the event. Statistics are always fun so hold on: 63 guests were at the event. 17 schlumberger & ploentzke albums were sold. 7 schlumberger & ploentzke t-shirts found new happy owners (including the 3 special edition H2O tour shirts). [...]Read more

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Preparing for live performances

We have recently been approached from fans and admirers asking what we are up to since it’s been quiet after the release of our debut album. Here is a small update. We have interrupted the recording of our second album, which will see many world music aspects and tracks influenced by [...]Read more

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Reise Now Available in 6 Stores

We are still very excited that our first album “Reise” appeared in online stores at all. It’s a great feeling to see it on all the platforms out there, with the cover and the music we worked so hard for. We thought it would be time well spent if we try to list all the […]Read more