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Sat 01 Dec 2012 s&p Label News / schlumberger&ploentzke 0 comment

charity: water Update

As you might remember, schlumberger & ploentzke raised 700$ for the charity: water project, providing about 35 people with clean drinking water. Read all about it in our aftermath post or see the campaign page. We now have exciting news to share. The money for a whole project’s been [...]Read more

Mon 28 Nov 2011 s&p Label News 0 comment

shallow & profound live in January ’12

Where titans meet… We are very proud to announce, that one of our top acts shallow&profound have been booked for January. They will play live alongside “ticket to the moon“, one of Basel’s finest Prog Rock ensembles at a party on Saturday January 7. As a world [...]Read more

Fri 07 Oct 2011 s&p Label News 0 comment

Thank you, Steve

We are deeply saddened by Steve’s death. Our story is like the one of hundreds of thousands of others but we would like to share it anyway as this is our story. We came to the Mac in early 2007 and were just blown away by how easy it felt. We never looked back since. […]Read more